At the Santa Ana Zoo!

me and Jade at the zoo!


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All of UGAB!

My roommate and her GYRAD date the Hart senator rock climbing at our floor’s gyrad


Well everyone else has been writing in their blogs, and I haven’t been. Oh dear. Well I shall try and make up for it. Everything has been crazy this semester – and wonderful. I feel like I have learned so much from class this semester. Honestly, I always feel like this every semester, but its still great. In Leadership class I can tell I am learning a lot about leadership and I am excited to put that and things learned in Youth Ministry into practice next semester with an internship. I also am liking Evangelism class.

I went with Justine to Pacifica high school last Friday and worked with the local Christian club. We went up to students and asked if we could talk to them. We asked them what they believed about God, and dialogued with them about their beliefs for a while. Then we asked if we could share, and we simply and clearly presented the gospel to them. It was wonderful. We went up to thirty people, were able to share with twenty, and one person got saved. And several kids said they were saved when they were little, so we were able to plug them into the Christian club and just encourage them. 

Lets see… grades are good. All my classes are very challenging and I am thinking I will probably get a few Bs this semester. It should be fine. Theology class has been so awesome. We have these assignments called Doctrine Projects where we have tons of verses to look up, and questions that lead us to write a creed of our beliefs on the subject by the end of our projects. 

We had a UGAB meeting this morning – even though one wasn’t planned. Only about half of us were able to make it. But it was awesome. We planned the Christmas Party. It is going to rock! We are having a bake-off cookie contest, and a costume contest. And we will have karaoke, and Christmas caroling door to door in Jane Carr’s neighborhood. She lives in a very nice neighborhood, so it’ll be funny. Jane is one of my favorite professors. She teaches full time in our department, and runs the Children’s ministry over at a huge Friends church. I told everyone I was going to dress up like Sarah Palin, but I have decided to actually dress up like a reindeer. It’ll be cute – reindeer ears and brown face paint on my nose. 😀

We also planned really cool events for next semester. We will have the women’s retreat, and several guys events. Also a Get-Your-CE-Friend-A-Date (GYCEFAD) laser tag. And our end of the year event will be a movie night under the stars with a giant pizza!!! Yay!

In May the seniors will be graduating, and I will be starting my last year! I suppose I might as well share, since Anthony said something at the perspective students department meeting. I have started dating a CE boy. He is graduating. CE guys – well Biola guys really, don’t really date a lot. Because we tend to make most of our friends in our dorm hall, its harder to have as many guy friends. But as long as you make friends in classes, you can have plenty of guy friends. But Biola guys are good at being friends. In my experience at least, they aren’t hitting on you. They are very respectful and fun to be friends with. And if you start dating a Biola guy, they are a really great catch. Freshmen year you hear about “ring by spring” a lot because its a stereotype, but I don’t feel any pressure to date and get married right after I graduate. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. But over the last year we became friends and so for almost a month now we have been officially dating. ANYWAYS! That probably didn’t make any sense.

Honestly, going to Biola will make you a great writer. You learn to clearly communicate, especially in CE. But I just choose not to use these skills in this blog because I am sharing my heart and my thoughts. Any maybe because I am lazy. Just a bit. 🙂

Well, what else do you want to know? I figured out my schedule for next semester. None of the Bible classes I still need to take fit into my schedule – but its okay. I am really ahead in Bible. But behind in GE. I am going to take several GE classes like Literature and Math online. Oooh I had a dream last night that I was in Matthew Weather’s Nature of Math class. He’s a pretty famous professor on campus. His class doesn’t fit into my schedule or I would take it. Anyways!

I will be taking 17 units. 

  • Spanish 3 (intermediate spanish) (4)
  • Internship I (3)
  • Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)
  • Foundations of Teaching Ministry (3)
  • Authentic Womanhood (2)
  • Bowling (1)
  • Golf (1)

Should be fun! I’ll let you know. 🙂 I am also taking Beginning Spanish II over interterm. My roommate will be taking Literature and Film, so it’ll be fun to hang out with her more. She was Wendy in the Torrey production of Peter Pan, so I haven’t gotten to see much of her this semester.

I’m out of time and I don’t want to go over 1000 works, so I am going to peace out!


Its started to get cool here finally. It was warm, but not too hot last week. I went home on Wednesday to see my family, and came back on Monday (yesterday) to find it was almost cold! I am a member of UGAB – Undergrad Advisory Board. It sounds much more fancy and important than it is, though granted, we do do a lot. Do do… lol. My friend Fran always says “loll” whenever she is reading something where someone wrote L.O.L. Anyways! Biola is just amazingly beautiful right now. Everything is green, and the new flowers that were put in a few weeks ago at the beginning of the school year are all blooming and are just stunning. Its just the perfect weather where you would rather be in the sunlight. I love to sit in the sun, and all summer it’s too hot to be in sunlight. So I was super happy to sit in the sunlight this afternoon. 


So UGAB visited the First Year Seminar class today. A few of us did impressions of the professors, and then we did a game. We also answered some questions. Jade and Arco were the M.C.s, and I was Dr. Jane Carr. I kept my hair up, with just my bangs down cause her bangs are kind of in her face a lot. And I work an Angels hat I borrowed from Jade. I also wore this pink shirts I took from my roommate. I talked about running marathons and how important APA style. Jane is so cool. She is very different from me, so its a bit difficult for me to understand her. She is rebuilding her cabin right now – it burned down last year during the fire. But in the new cabin they are building a theatre. It should be big enough to hold all of the C.E. students when the retreat is co-ed next year.

We talked about the changes made in the department this morning. Next year the catalogue is being re-done. Valerie and our profs are working really hard to redo all of the curriculum and classes to make our department as effective as possible. A co-ed retreat at the beginning of each year will be apart of our catalogue. The ICS department does something similar. One of my roommates is ICS. The other is Psychology, so we round each other really well and always have tons to talk about. They are also both in Torrey. Its made me sure I don’t want to be in Torrey – even though they love it.


Lets see, what are good things to write about in my first blog post? Right now I am in three C.E. Classes. I have Evangelism and Follow-Up every Monday night, and Christian Leadership and Youth Ministry on Thursdays. I love them all so much! C.E. classes are so much fun, and its so encouraging to learn so much and really be stretched as a person. In leadership especially, we are discussing leadership qualities, and I am realizing I really have a lot to work on. Evangelism is really great too. I have a huge project due in Youth Ministry this week. I should probably start on that. 🙂


Probably the best thing about our department is the community. I have become good friends with so many people in the major, including our professors. Dr. Anthony is become Vice-Provost, and is basically leaving the department. This makes me so sad, because he is amazing. Whenever I need to talk, I head to his office. Valerie especially is great. She is my mom away from home. So, I need to go. If anyone reads this, leave a comment. 🙂